Beta Cae Systems office

Beta Cae Systems office

Thessaloniki, Greece
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Kaput Design


BETA CAE Systems Office

Kaput Design as Designers

YES. The goal of a large scale company is to get people working, BUT relaxation and daydreaming have been found to perform wonders in boosting creativity and problem solving.

BETA CAE Systems definitely agrees.

Following Google's footsteps, this project concerns the design and materialization of a relax room right in the heart of one of the biggest engineering software companies in the world. The request of the company's president was simple. " I want a space where my kids can go get "unstuck". This led to the design of a room where the employees can discharge of all the tension and relax, have fun, recharge and go back to work inspired and filled with new ideas.

The building complex of Beta CAE Systems is located on a hillside surrounded by nature and overlooking the sea. The relax room is placed in a strategic position of the complex, connecting two blocks of offices simultaneously being a passage and a stop.

The inspiration for this project came from the surrounding elements of nature that dominate the building site. Trees, vegetation, sun, wind, hills, water. Nature invades the built environment, creating an oasis in everyday life, filling it with color, light, liveliness, carefreeness and relaxation.

The design was based on an open floorplan, minimizing fixed structures. The room has an absolute balance between "hiding spots" / relaxation corners and meeting / communication areas. This results in the creation of a polymorphic break room that addresses different people and caters for a variety of needs.

The concept of the passage was also incorporated in the design process. The axis connecting the two building blocks is accentuated by the use of different materials and lightweight partitions, creating at the same time a path between the thematic areas of "the sea" and "the mountain". On the one hand the greenery, the vegetation, the intense colors give out energy, vitality, joy, and on the other the sea and its colors calm and relax the visitor.

Beta Cae Systems office

Kriskadecor as Manufacturers

Kaput Design, studio specialized in creating functional spaces but with its own identity, was in charge of designing the Relax Room of the Beta Cae Systems offices, a software engineering company located in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The space, where employees can relax, have fun and recharge batteries, includes two colourful space dividers from Kriskadecor that fit with an environment inspired by nature.

Our anodized aluminium links allow any architectural or design project to be different and refreshing, filling it with colour, light and vivacity.


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