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Bilgi Kozyatagi

Bilgi Kozyatagi

Salon Alper Derinbogaz
Istanbul, Turkey
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Bilgi Kozyatagi

Salon Alper Derinbogaz as Architects

Bilgi Kozyatagi is a venue brought into life within the framework of the Master of Business Administration program, where education is provided both in class and online with the use of modern equipment. The region in which the campus is located is mostly comprised of office blocks. The existing building, where the interior design works shall be carried out, has the character of a conventional plaza building with its nature of a uniform neutral office area based on a reinforced concrete grid structure, allowing each tenant to carry out partitioning according to their needs. The wide spaces comprising its structure allows flexible interventions in the interior.

The interior design was based on a discussion on whether "it is possible to have an educational building combined with an office building." Studies were conducted to ascertain the results of placing the educational structure within a building designed to function as an office while maintaining its character. Within this context, first an idea was conceived based on the question "how would an educational building be placed there if there were no buildings present?" Then this new concept was superimposed on the current situation. This way, the interior design of the building emerged as the intersection of these two concepts. The target was to identify the intersection set between the two buildings rather than designing an interior space for the existing building.

As the fact that the building consisted of multiple stories conflicted with the sense of continuity and horizontality required by the university campus program, it was aimed to provide the flow on a single plain as proposed by the project without interruption among the floors. The spaces were allowed to direct the user with the thought "how would it be if there were no walls here." Within this context, the corridors were no longer taken as the residual spaces of the building, but as the school's most used common areas. The aim was to create the continuity of a single floor with the linear expression of the partitioning walls. This situation had an impact on many components from lighting design to the partitions. Making an effort to use as few components as possible, whatever was already on the suspended ceilings were dismantled. Everything that remained was left there as a part of the space with its flaws and problems. It was aimed at breaking through this uniform, limited and predefined situation that proceeded from a larger scale to the building scale, in other words, at "thinking outside the box."

In terms of spatial organization, the surfaces' interrelation with gravity was reconsidered in order to extend the common spaces and ensure that the circulation within the building flowed with a strong sense of integrity. Transforming the user's perception immediately upon entering the building was sought with the dynamic perspectives and architectural grammar created with these surfaces that were formed in a manner that contrasts the orthogonal grid. Certain details such as the exposed concrete, and the red epoxy on the floors, as seen in the existing buildings were used in designing the space under the project where the Bilgi University building characteristics were also taken into account.

In the project, where a way to overcome the rigid boundaries defined by the existing grid structure was sought, it was aimed at moving beyond the frame by rendering the objects, each of which are actually finite elements, into a whole. In order to ensure this, the lighting components abstracted as linear components were conceived as constituting the system referred to as 'field conditions' in physics and mathematics.

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