Bioclimatic pergola Vision in Palazzolo

Bioclimatic pergola Vision in Palazzolo

Palazzolo, Italy

Bioclimatic pergola Vision in Palazzolo

Pratic f.lli Orioli as Manufacturers

The structure is up to eight meters long and blends with the building and with the view


In a modern building set in the Friulian plain, the bioclimatic pergola designed by the leader company for outdoor solutions integrates into the background and meets the needs of coverage in all weather conditions. Total comfort thanks to the air recirculation and to the natural regulation of temperature.

In order to meet the needs of solar coverage, the Bed & Breakfast "La Loggia degliArtisti" has chosen the Italian design and the high technology of the bioclimatic pergola Vision by Pratic, one of the best companies in Italy in the field of awnings, pergolas and design structures.

Set few kilometers far from the Adriatic sea and completely immersed in the green of the lower Friuli countryside, “La Loggia degliArtisti” is the result of the renovation of a building dating back to the Sixties. In this project, particular importance has been given to the organization and decoration of outdoor spaces, so that guests can fully enjoy the extraordinary view and the benefits of the outdoor life, in all weather conditions and at any time of the day.

The choice of an appropriate solar cover turned out to be strategical for the needs of protection from the atmospheric agents and to emphasize the essential nature of the building as well, whose perimeter walls have been reduced in order to leave room to the large glass surfaces that offer a 360° view.

Thereforethe bioclimatic pergola Visionby Praticturned out to be the ideal solution, thanks to its aluminium structure with profiles of reduced size. A perfect integration into the background, that contributes to keep unaltered the original stylistic choice, with nature that seems to physically enter the indoor spaces.

The shade need has been solved thanks to the special aluminium shading blades, that rotate up to 140° and adjust to a variable inclination, thus allowing to modulate the intensity of light coming from the outside as needed. Total protection is granted also in case of rain, since the blades can be closed and the rain is directed by perimeter gutters and drainpipes integrated into the structure.

The bioclimatic pergola Vision is designed to grant the natural adjustment of temperature and a totally comfortable climate thanks to air recirculation; an additional advantage that perfectly matches the comfort enjoyable in the whole building, in whichthe benefits of geothermic energy and of thermal water flowing at 31°C are exploited .

Essential features forthis choice were also the solidity and firmness of Pratic structure that, being 8 meter long, guarantees perfect stability also in case of strong wind coming from the nearby sea.

Vision belongs to the new Bioclimatic Planet range recently launched by Pratic in order to respond to the parameters of bioclimatic architecture, a discipline that gives value to the environment and respects it, thanks to thereduction of the polluting processes, the creation of spaces characterized by thermal comfort and the reduction of maintenance interventions.

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