Birrelli College

Birrelli College

launceston, Australia


Birrelli as Architects

The Technical College is both a vocational trade secondary teaching facility. It is designed for collaborative, interactive and student-directed teaching and learning which prepares young people to be creative, critically informed and motivated contributors to industry.

The college is a portal-framed and elongated utilitarian building referencing the traditional industrial forms of the nationally significant heritage Inveresk Railyard structures. It combines a simple structural system, clearly articulated portal frames with an economy of means and an honest expression, coupled with a bold colour scheme which promotes an energetic spirit and a clearly recognisable image for the college.

Environmental considerations are integrated into all aspects of the building from material selection, passive solar control (via existing poplar trees) natural light, ease of construction and the potential change of use through flexibility within the buildings spatial configuration. An additional floor or mezzanine can be inserted into the internal volume if required.

The architecture is an exercise in refined but restrained detailing, maximising both perceptual and physical space through natural light, colour and joinery detail. A clear design objective is evident throughout the building, demonstrating sophistication in material, constructional, environmental and financial solutions without over indulgence.

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