Black Cant

Black Cant

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Yujie Liu & Jianzhou Wang

Black Cant System - Heike fashion brand concept store

AN design as Interior Architects


Blank cant system,Like a poem,its movement brings energy to reshape the space.We call it physical movement of poems.It is a black crossing,through black.A melancholy and futuristic sense of zen.

Division is connection,it's bold and sloped.Instead of dividing the space into two,I use the slope as division.To create a whole and complete space.To divide but zlso to connect.

A black box at the centre of the shop contains a variety of functions. The black box marks the location of a staircase, which leads up through a "wedge-shaped" volume to connect the two floors.

HEIKE is a test of the fashion designer –Laohei .We try to explore possibilities of a independent designer store. In Hangzhou,HEIKE is more than a fashion store.It creates a space for art,music and exhibition.We try to explore a form of space that is independent and free.

AN’s glum interior design for fashion brand Heike hidden in the shadows.Hidden in a furniture store, Heike fashion concept store locates on the second floor.Staircase in the middle of the store leads to a huge black wedge block at the top of it, which is also a collection of various functional spaces: fitting room, storage room, exhibition area, staircases, handrails. This wedge is made from marble powder, which covers fifty percent of the store area. It retained iron texture and welding traces on the channel and props. Hand grinding stainless steel handrails and geometrical elevation accessories sector, unique design of aluminum chandeliers and distinct parabolic racks and triangle racks, all of these elements demonstrate the industrial quality via workmanship and its futuristic melancholy atmosphere.


Black Cant System, a design for a Chinese fashion concept store, has been named as the World Interior of the Year for 2016. The project, by Shanwei Weng and Jiadie Yuan of An Design Studio, has beaten over 100 nominees across nine categories to be named the World Interior of the Year. The winning interior was created for fashion brand Heike, and is situated on the suburban outskirts of Shanghai, China. The concept is a store hidden in the shadows, unassumingly tucked away on the second floor of a furniture store. The boldness of the glum, all-grey interior struck judges as “a project that challenges conventional ideas about a retail fashion store”. The bare concrete shell of the store houses brutalist black steel, dark timber and touches of silver that combine to form a space that feels dystopian, raw and futuristic. A staircase within the middle of the store leads shoppers to a large black wedge volume at the top.

The design houses a fitting room, storage, cash register and clothing display area, and in addition a small bar to create a space for socialising as well as shopping. Mesh-clad windows and backlit glass panelling add to the moody atmosphere, complementing the utilitarian aesthetic of the clothing. The INSIDE World Interior of the Year award was judged by INSIDE festival’s 2016 super-jurors - Clive Wilkinson, Jurgen Mayer, Seyhan Ozdemir and Philip Handford. They commented: “Faced with a divided space, the designers inserted a black canted cube over the existing central stair, and effectively absorbed the programmatic elements into a poetic and sculptural whole. The store brand and architectural image work in harmony, with a sensitivity to surface and details.”

The winners were presented with their award tonight at the finale of the INSIDE - World Festival of Interiors, a gala dinner held at the Postbahnhof, the former central station of East Berlin. INSIDE World Festival of Interiors is co-located with the World Festival of Architecture and together they form the largest celebration of contemporary architecture and design in the world. In 2016, the festival has taken place in Berlin for the first time, and organisers have announced that INSIDE will return to the Arena Berlin next year for the sixth edition of the festival.

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