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Blue Business Incubator

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Blue Business Incubator


The proposal aims to build a business incubator to improve the economic development of the town. This project aims to build an industrial complex with a formal unit that identifies it as unique within the village.

"In this new economic era are low-level entities that need to create the opportunity." This economic paradigm gives rise to interventions like this, because they are able to generate economic opportunities for the people of Pinoso and hence for social development. Such interventions work empowerment of the business and are committed to make a recognizable Pinoso town to technological and industrial level, being one of the main guidelines provided by the Strategic and Economic Urbano, reflection (analysis of the socioeconomic context of the city and strategic development) keys. In this sense, this project has helped maintain and increase industrial activity through the addition of new services and technologies in production processes, diversifying businesses and encourage environmental regeneration.

In relation to the initial description, the situation of the plot is an opportunity because it allows a relationship with the most similar to a trade from the town center, which an isolated ship any polygon client. Hence, small business workshops such as shoes and derivatives, carpenters, joiners, small machine shops motorcycles and bicycles, warehouses, small furniture stores, hardware stores, gun rooms, supplies plastic and / or metal, painters, craft workshops number, etc. ... make these small ships attractions, because in the same space can develop their work in both workshop and office, sales and exhibition.

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