BOOL Headquarters

BOOL Headquarters

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MC-A as Architects

The challenge presented to MC-A consisted in designing the headquarters of a forward-thinking, custom software development, and consultancy company, that has the motto: “We bring the future into the present”. 


This project was envisioned to accommodate a team of IT professionals committed to overcome its clients’ biggest challenges, with innovative and disruptive solutions. 

Specifically, the requirements included a work area for 20 workstations, a venue for conferences, formation and team building moments that seated at least 30 individuals, a pantry, and a chill out zone. 


Having sorted out the location, in one of the most environmentally friendly buildings of Lisbon, Portugal, it was time to materialize our client’s needs in a 146m2 area.  

The location selected was the Natura Towers (by GJP in 2009), an award-winning building, internationally recognized for its sustainability, namely for its renewable energy focus and energy efficiency achieved. Therefore, a comprehensive and broad symbiosis with the location was paramount. 


MC-A designed a concept that develops the program around a main element – the Arena. The BOOL Arena is a multipurpose venue that fosters internal meetings and presentations, seminars, groundbreaking IT conferences and team building activities with capacity for up to 35 persons. 

Furthermore, the BOOL Arena creates other separate and functional areas namely: 

The Pantry – designed and envisioned to be in symbiosis with the social area without imposing a spatial fragmentation and at the same time being functional and full of character.


The Workspace – conceived for accommodating 20 cutting hedge IT professional in a fully infrastructure dedicated area with access to an inspiring view. This working area is characterized by its wooden pergola, the Steelcase chairs and the exclusive wooden infrastructured working tables. There is multipurpose glass wall separating this area from the pantry, which can also be used for making annotations and sharing knowledge, this contrasts with the white acoustic walls.

The Playroom – a chillout area conceived for giving a break to the creative individuals that use the facilities. Where the IT professionals can play a video game, read a book, listen to music, or play a musical instrument. In this space the chosen construction elements were the pine wood for the walls, the glass and the 100 % recyclable Vinyl tiles from Tarkett


The Lounge and the Booths – the Lounge is located near the Pantry hence it’s a privileged area to share a drink or just have a break. Alternatively, there are Booths designed for a more individual space that offers singular seating for having a tea, making a phone call, or just enjoying the scenery from this privileged located building. In both areas were used bold colors since they are fresh and vivid but also soothing and inviting.

As the Program develops around the Arena, different construction materials and methods, flooring systems and ceiling heights assist on creating several unique areas. The different textures, colors, materials, as well as, lightening technics and intensity were carefully studied to match areas’ uses and characteristics. 


Envisioning an industrial and rough but also neat and clean interpretation the ceiling was carefully infrastructure, under the flattered concrete slab. In contrast, nature elements were used in the Arena, such as the vegetation in the walls and grass in the seating’s. To combine and create a harmony with the building, we used pine tree wood, and a personalized pine tree, air diffused, smelling identity in all the office areas. 

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