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The project is located in a village in northern Extremadura called Baños de Montemayor, surrounded by mountains of chestnut and oak trees. The plot has an elevated position over the village; it possesses a breathtaking view over the nearby lake.

The plot is a small strip of land just five meters wide, which does not exceed 60 square meters, bounded by the road, and a pedestrian lane. The difference in elevation between the two main facades is two floors, so the main access through the third floor of a total of four.

Bearing in mind the initial scheme we were obliged to insert the garage in between two floors, the road access was resolved with an open area: a large porch, which serves as a lookout over the town, the access to housing, and the vehicle parking. This space (exterior, with urban character) separates the living areas of the home (interior, therefore private) in two: Above the sleeping area, and downstairs, in contact with the garden, the living area.

The initial will focused on getting the full extent possible in such a small plot: we avoided unnecessary partitions of the space; interior spaces were visually linked with external spaces.

The concatenated exterior spaces of this house define it with greater intensity than its interiors. They link it with the environment, and project the private uses outwards.

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