Bradley Emsley's Facade

Bradley Emsley's Facade

Bradley Emsley

Cladding a World…History

Bradley Emsley as Architects

The concept behind the design is to show the evolution of exterior treatments, facades, and building, both over time and across the globe. Starting in 10,000BC with the Mesolithic Hut wall found throughout Europe made of turf and branches to the titanium panels of the 1997 Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain. Each new era of building-method creates a piece of the wall and builds on the eras previous to it, using them as a foundation working their way up creating the entire wall. (Please see technical drawing for the date, name of building, location and material(s)) It’s as if the wall was built over centuries using the newest methods was they became available. Using a black and white scheme gives the piece a graphic quality. But it also acts a unifier to tie all the various sections together. The entire wall expresses the progress of exteriors and facades as well the advancement that is the Euramax façade technology Aludesign since the entire piece is made of it.

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