Brick House with Taste of Home

Brick House with Taste of Home

Unjung-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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Young-Chae Park

Brick House with Taste of Home in Unjung-dong - Nostalgia

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Brick House – Made with Warm and Solid Earth.

The housing site in Pangyo shows strong characteristics of the planned housing complex and the sharing space unique to the housing, the yard, is not sufficiently playing its role in most of the buildings in it due to theses characteristics such as floor area ratio and land area.

Another peculiar scenery of this area is that there is no harmony between the buildings as if the ‘housing exhibits’ created by architects are boasting of their own respective appearances due to the floor area ratio that exceeds half of the narrow land.

We considered the context with neighboring buildings while thinking about which house with which scenery should fit into this environment, and our solution was to build a ‘house that forms a balance with the land in the most natural way.’

This meant a house that is not too strong but also not too weak to maintain its presence, and it was also about the form as well as the material.

We imagined the image of ‘earth’ which means the land and approached the sensitivity of the material, and the bricks baked with earth was close to the solution we were looking for. Also, the old white bricks were the regenerated and preserved bricks from actual buildings in China that were dismantled (removed) and their unique milky earth texture give the calm impression alongside the material’s unique naturalness and history, differentiating them from other brick constructions.

The old white brick constructions will manifest greater values with time for they maintained their first appearance without being washed by the uselessness through time by enduring the weight of time.

The traffic line and the zoning of the space for five people including the owner couple and their three children were designed by dividing it into the shared space on the first floor and the personal spaces on the second floor based on the usage.

The five rooms that require basic function of the rooms including the individual rooms for three children, the main room for the couple, and the guestroom leads the flow of the traffic line within the space with the morning sunshine through the high side window along the narrow and long hallway designed to give the sense of human scale. The joy in each room that appear around the corner like the alleys that we walk through in the hometown from the childhood creates a friendly scenery.

The residential space taking a large and broad space may look cool as a work of an architect but may also become a huge useless space that leaves emptiness to actual residents and wastes heating and cooling expenses. Our wish for a useful and valuable living space that contain the psychological and physical understanding of people fully was realized in the sense of the ‘scenery of alleys.’

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