buena vida

buena vida

Officina8A | studio di architettura
Turin, Italy
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Senior Housing
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buena vida

Officina8A | studio di architettura as Architects

Positions and functions of the apartment are the same, what changed is its surface. The phase that concerns the terrace is totally revolutionary instead. It is considered as a natural extension of the inner house and converted as the relax area. There are two different themes: one space for free time with friends, around a table or on a couch under the stars; one cozy space, with sauna and Jacuzzi. The filter between the two parts is underlined with a stellar set, in fact the CORTEN that covers storage, sauna and flower boxes is dotted to draw the zodiac and then lighten up from the inside. The project that concerns the wine cellar had a new brick flooring and metallic greed, designed ad hoc, that can hold more than 500 bottles. This is what we call easy life!

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