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Ca' Spineda

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Ca' Spineda

Welldom as Architects

Historical Analisys An ancient manor house built in 1560 by the noble family of Treviso, Spineda De Cattaneis. The architecture of the house is the same of the typical patrician country house of Veneto. Ca’ Spineda has a gorgeous location at the foot of Montello. The wood behind contributes to highlight the facade.Casa Spineda was probably built on the area of a previous building of the late XVI century, considered, according to the documentation, the frst settlement of the noble family of Treviso in the Montello area.Subsequently in the documents there is the name of Marcantonio Spineda De Cattaneis, who in 1753 built, nearby, based on a project of the architect Francesco Maria Preti of Castelfranco, his new residence of Venegazzù.The family remained owner of the area until 1905, when the house was sold by the countess Matilde Rigato Spineda to the family of Gio Batta Dall’Armi.In 1931, then, the complex was given to the Solagna family.

The Restoration The conservative restoration intervention executed by Welldom allowed to recover Ca’ Spineda in its entirety. The spirit of the project, aimed at maintaining the original character of the house, combining it with innovative construction solutions inspired by the environmental sustainability principle, led to maintain, where possible, all the existing wall fnishes, intervening only in case they need a remake or an extension. Welldom worked only with high quality natural materials, selected with particular attention to their compatibility with the guiding principles of the entire intervention. All the housing proposals include innovative technological components to combine fundamental needs, such as safety and privacy, energy saving and comfort, the pleasure of living the house and its complete healthiness. Thanks to this union between technological innovation and respect for the house history, the intervention of Ca’ Spineda is absolutely exclusive.

An “intelligent” building An “intelligent” building equipped with technology systems realized according to the most advanced principles of domotics and automation. The electrical systems allows to integrate the various functions of automation, facilitating the possible subsequent confgurations and the system, connected with a local telephone exchange, is easily remotely manageable. The independent alarm system is able to inform via sms of possible intrusions or anomalies. The control of the room temperature allows to set the heating system in different modes: “comfort”, “eco” for the saving optimization, “antifreeze” or also stop mode, guaranteeing for each one of them a simple and effective planning. It is possible to set the system for the automatic switching off of possible lights left on, the closing of all the curtains and the switching on of “eco” or “antifreeze” program for the heating.The vacuum cleaner system is also centralized. Also in the thermal system there is the utmost attention to the most current modes offered by technology that embrace the philosophy characterizing the entire intervention: frst of all there is the health of the residents, protected through the selection of natural and technologically advanced materials. The thermal system is centralized. The installation of a geothermal heat pump with well water and radiant wall panels for heating and cooling, that, operating at low temperature, guarantee an energy saving of more than 30% compared to the traditional systems and the full optimization of the seasonal performance, with the possibility to heat and cool down through the uniform radiation of the entire environment.

REbuild 2014 Award The conservative renovation project won the REbuild award in the Residential category, the frst competition in Europe dedicated to projects of sustainable requalifcation, created by Habitech and Fraunhofer Institute. Thanks to the peculiarity of the green building conservative restoration led by Welldom, that respects the standards of the ideal house according to the philosophy of kalos kai agathos, the project was elected the best intervention in the sustainable requalifcation category aimed at valorizing the main elements of a process oriented towards maximizing the quality of a building in terms of costs, consumptions, used materials and comfort. A renovation based therefore on the value and the beauty of history and on the true meaning of the future: the respect of the balances of man and nature. The villa respects the standards of the ideal house, according to an unique holistic concept that considers building construction, design, architecture, interior design, lighting, as part of a single, harmonious ensemble. It was Francesco Maria Preti, inspired by the Schola Riccatiana of Castelfranco Veneto, theorist of the “Laws of Harmonic Proportion”, to defne a concept of beauty and of absolute and universal harmony, based on the connection between architecture, mathematics and music, inspired by the classical Greek philosophy, since: “the same consonances that delight the ear, delight also the vision”. The conservative restoration allowed to recover Ca’ Spineda in its entirety, with full respect for the history and, at the same time, to provide the residential units, in addition to offces, with luxurious fnishes and with the highest level of living comfort. Welldom used materials derived exclusively from nature, high-effciency plants that guarantee an energy saving > 30% compared to the traditional ones, the latest generation of home automation solutions

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