Café Mozart Vienna

Café Mozart Vienna

Wehdorn Architekten
Wien, Austria
Wehdorn Architekten

Funnel umbrella for Café Mozart Vienna

SEFAR as Manufacturers

Project. The inner-city of Vienna is now an attraction richer: Café Mozart at Albertinaplatz, the oldest traceable coffeehouse in the Austrian capital, has been given an unmistakable new feature. With the redesign of the square came the idea of combining the historical house with a contemporary pavement café directly opposite the popular Albertina museum.

Concept/Design. Architects Wehdorn in Vienna produced a design for three, large funnel-shaped umbrellas capable of giving shade as well as protection from the rain for up to 180 café customers. The interplay between light and shade produces a floating and at the same time upward gliding motion. Since the umbrellas offer protection while still affording a view, Albertinaplatz is the right address for all those who would like to enjoy a “Wiener Melange” coffee together with the famous “Sachertorte” under Sefar fabric.

Construction. The geometry of the umbrella arms and the fabric covering create a harmonious form and load system. Important for the choice of fabric were high sensory qualities combined with translucence. SEFAR@Architecture PTFE Fabric EL-35-T1 (previous description AR 24-25) showed itself to be the optimal choice for both the architect and client. This is an excellent point of reference in high-quality umbrella construction in Vienna and beyond.

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Product Spec Sheet
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