Campus Dornbirn

Campus Dornbirn

Aicher Architekten
Dornbirn, Austria
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Aicher Architekten


Campus Dornbirn

Aicher Architekten as Architects

Within the next years a high-quality work and living space is originates for about 50 companies with approx. 500 employees on the area of the former “Post Garagen Areal” in Dornbirn.

The Campus Dornbirn II was set up in the first construction phase 2008/2009 as the head building of the future business park. After one year most of the companies who settled in, are young and creative offices who like to use a fresh and open platform of interaction.

Even the close connection to the “Fachhochschule Vorarlberg” is useful to generate a new scientific and research environment, were young entrepreneurs can set up there first business in a highly flexible business park.

The form of the monolithic building with his sharp edged facades produces a strong dynamic, which stands in a positive tradition of the booming and flexible architectural language of Dornbirn. The strong raster of the facade with his large windows provides an open view inside.

The ground floor of the building can be used as meeting and event space. With the design forum Vienna a corporation was developed for different exhibitions, which will be hosted several times a year.


Ströher as Manufacturers

The architects commissioned with the major project, Aicher Architekten in Lustenau, actually had an initial vision of a curtain wall with large-format elements in dark grey, but then opted for a brick slip facade on a normal thermal insulation composite system to optimise costs.


Stumbling across a large office complex clad in clinker brick slips in the midst of an Austrian chocolate box setting of timber and plaster facades will be sure to make you do a double take – and not just because of the unusual cladding.


The rule book is also being torn up behind the scenes, where an internationally inspiring business location has been set up with a focus on one important aspect: rapid output for a minimal initial outlay – the ideal solution for young entrepreneurs, spin-off s and freelancers.


With the aid of investors, the town of Dornbirn in the Austrian federal state of Vorarlberg has transformed the site of a former post depot into a campus aimed at a very special target group. It offers fully equipped office solutions with individual post boxes, which offers users the choice of operating totally independently, or alternatively, making use of common infrastructures, networking opportunities and potential synergies. From the shared areas and bar with kitchenette, reception, meeting room and bakery service, through to office cleaning, child care and car sharing – all the tenants‘ needs are taken care of. What‘s more, advice on starting up a business is included.


The concept has proved successful as the second phase of construction has been launched according to plan. It is not just the campus backers that are inspired by the 17,000 m² campus with its total interior space of 22,500 m³ – a survey has found that even former critics of the facade‘s new look and feel have been won over after their initial reservations.

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