Campus1 MTL
James Brittain

Campus1 MTL

Entro as Environmental graphic design

Campus1, a network of independently-operated student residences developed by Knightstone Capital, sets itself apart by offering trendy and stylish design, along with affordable student accommodation proximate to key universities. The developer enlisted Entro to create a graphic design program including its logo and environmental graphics that seamlessly integrate with Diamond Schmitt Architects’ building designs and give each property a distinctive identity that is unique to its urban location.

For the first Campus1 location in Montreal, Entro developed an abstract motif with energetic colours, patterns and shapes that was inspired by Montreal’s nightlife and cultural scene. According to Rae Lam, Partner at Entro, “For Montreal, we wanted to capture the youthful energy of this city – how dynamic it is, how it moves – and how we could fill this space with that energy. We were also inspired by Campus1 MTL’s residents – their diversity, their passion, their drive and their desire to live life to the fullest and be who they want to be.” Combined with large-scale numbering and lettering, the graphics establish a clear identity for Campus1 MTL while also supporting the functions of each zone. Large-scale graphic concentrations demarcate key communal areas, and smaller, more conservative accents highlight transitional spaces such as hallways. The installations add detail to the mainly monochromatic interiors. For example, at the entry, a colourful pattern outlines a seating niche and draws students towards the lobby and the elevator banks are lined with bold graphics.

Since Montreal is the fourth in a series of properties Entro has designed for Campus1, the environmental graphics have established a brand identity for the location, while also creating a connection between the Montreal location and Knightstone’s other student residences across Canada.

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