Sport Center in Fasnia

Estudio FUNCIONALL as Architects

The project was requested by the Public Administration based on the need to improve an educational and sporting infrastructure, in high demand in the rural area of the municipality, and based on the lack of covered recreational spaces protected from adverse weather conditions.

The area of action is located within a plot of municipal property, in the back of the facilities ‘Terreno de Lucha Canaria de Fasnia’, in the South of Tenerife. Its location on a south-facing hillside makes the local climate suffer significant temperature changes as well as hours of sunshine by being leeward and facing trade winds and stratocumulus sea. In addition, during rough weather, uphill winds are considerable precisely because of the steepness of the area and the strength of the winds. Therefore, climate, orography and location are the essential elements for the design and measurement of this roof as it will be open and without enclosures.

Our proposal focuses on meeting the demanded needs by designing a covered space which finds a solution to climate constraints as well as connectivity constraints between adjoining sports facilities through a grandstand. At the same time, this proposal is committed to the integration of accessibility and the elimination of architectural and communication barriers, and it optimises the path through the use of ramps which are connected in their intermediate point with an accessible box.

Made by means of metal frames of variable inertia on exposed concrete pillars, a freestanding cantilevered self-supporting pierced and translucent facade is formed at the upper level, supported only at two points and with a 45º arrangement that evokes the local lace of the municipality where it sits. And, at its lower level, a system of sport storage cabinets and landscaped gardens is shaped, which serves not only as protection against the prevailing winds, but also as a promotional support for the facility.

Due to the indoor / outdoor character of the sport facility, a trowelled waterproofed concrete base is used with an application of in-situ sport synthetic coating based on modified acrylic resins, which endow this space with a multi-use character for practically all sports and cultural activities that the promoter demands for the municipality.

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