Casa AS

Casa AS

Martin Stacey
Los Arrayanes, Puembo, Ecuador
Project Year

Private Houses

House AS

Martin Stacey as Architect

The AS house seeks to complement a simple, comfortable life without worries in a privileged place surrounded by nature and tranquility. The family that owns the house wanted to stay connected and live in their day to day, so it was essential to maintain an open house scheme. We also wanted to take full advantage of the views and the relationship that Puembo houses can have with the exterior. The house seeks to adapt to contemporary life but also seeks materials that are timeless.

A white volume is wrapped by a stone wall that becomes the protagonist of the house and is used to separate the private from the public area. It is also a protagonist in lighting where both natural light from an entrance in the ceiling, and artificial lighting from the floor highlight the texture of it. The stone used is volcanic stone of the Tungurahua volcano, this with the white color keeps the materiality very characteristic of colonial constructions of Quito.

The facade towards the street seeks to be discreet, closed, to enter you have to go through an interior garden that functions as a transition towards the public heart of the home. Towards the garden the facade is totally open where the house and garden coexist with each other and also enjoy the golf area.

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