Casa Burés

Casa Burés

Coblonal Interiorisme
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Private Houses
Sandra Rojo
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Floor lamp - IC F1 brushed brass finishFlos
Wall lamps - Palma, Room lamp - Flamingo 1515Vibia
ManufacturersNormann Copenhagen
Wall lamp - Liila 1Nuura

Product Spec Sheet
Floor lamp - IC F1 brushed brass finish
Wall lamps - Palma, Room lamp - Flamingo 1515
Wall lamp - Liila 1
Aura by Treku

Casa Burés, 1

Coblonal Interiorisme as Architects

Coblonal has taken care of the interior design of this elegant and luxurious apartment in the Casa Burés in Barcelona. A unique building, emblem of Catalan Modernism of the early twentieth century, located in the dreta de l'Eixample in Barcelona and the work of Francesc Berenguer i Mestre.


Our proposal has tried to extol the own and original elements of the farm such as hydraulic pavement or high ceilings with floral moldings. The stately air of the estate is updated and concrete in the design and choice of furniture and accessories that give a modern and modern air to the whole.


The apartment has two double bedrooms, two full bathrooms, one of them en suite with the main bedroom, and a large living room with open kitchen that opens onto a representative interior gallery of the Eixample district of Barcelona.


Our proposal for the style line and the choice of fabrics and colors was based on the colors present in the pavement, as well as in the furniture. In the living room with open kitchen, gray and brown tones stand out. In the bedroom suite the blue and brown of the pavement reappears in the furniture, textiles and art pieces. In the second bedroom, the mustard tones of the pavement reappear in textiles and in the coloration of light and furniture.


We also highlight the pieces of furniture, cabinets and drawers, which Coblonal Interiorisme has designed and produced specifically for this project in oak wood and structure and handles in black varnished iron. These confer a vivid and industrial air, but at the same time delicate and comfortable.


The result is an interior design proposal that maintains the same stylistic line throughout the home while being elegant, timeless, vivid and modern.


Material Used :
Living Room + Dining Room
1. CASADESÚS - Two sections sofa - Marlow.
2. PAPIOL – Carpet - Chamomix polyamida.
3. ZANOTTA - Armchair - Gilda Armchair.
4. VICCARBE - coffee table - Bamba, black.
5. BOLIA - coffee table - Tab Rectangular coffee table-low.
6. TREKU - TV unit - Aura.
7. MENU - Furniture lamp - Phare LED. Black color.
8. VIBIA - Room lamp - Flamingo 1515.
9. BOLIA - Living Room Ceiling Lamp - Piper Lounge 5-arms pendant.
10. BOLIA - Dining room lamp - Leaves pendant.
11. HAY - Dining table - Mesa T12.
12. NORMANN COPENHAGEN - Dining chairs - Knot.
13. Miquel de Semir – Painting - Composicióny Menina.
14. BOLIA - Table vase - Topped table.
15. BOLIA - furniture bar - Luxe drinks cabinet.
16. BOLIA - Pots- Totem flowerpot Flat.
17. BOLIA  - Vase - Bronco Vase Large.

1. FLOS - Floor lamp - IC F1 brushed brass finish.
2. CARL HANSEN – Armchair - OW149 Colonial.
3. CARL HANSEN – Footrest - OW149F Colonial.
4. VIBIA  - Wall lamps - Palma.
5. BOLIA - Bench and pillow - BerlinBench Small bench.
6. BOLIA – Pots  - Totem, Podium and Rustico models.
7. KAVE HOME - Backing cabinet - Kesia.

1. BOLIA  - Ceiling lamp  - Balloon.
2. NORR11 - Armchair - Nomad.
3. KAVE HOME  - Bed base with head - Venla.
4. COBLONAL - Closet - Made-to-measureof oak with iron structure.
5. COBLONAL - Drawer - Made-to-measureof oak with iron structure.
6. TRADITION - Bedside lamp - Journey SHY1 Wall & Table.
7. PAPIOL – Carpet - Satin polyamide.
8. ZARA HOME – Bedding - linen.

1. KAVE HOME - Bed base with headboard - Venla.
2. KAVE HOME  - Bedside tables - Chery.
3. BOLIA - Wall lamp - Leaves Wall.
4. NUURA - Wall lamp - Liila 1.
5. COBLONAL - Closet - Made-to-measure of oak with iron structure.
6. COBLONAL - Drawer - Made-to-measureof oak with iron structure.
7. NORTHERN LIGHTING - Floor lamp - Oslo Wood.
8. PAPIOL – Carpet - Satin.
9. ZARA HOME – Bedding - linen.

Hallway and Hallway
1. COBLONAL – Mirror - Custom made in black.
2. COBLONAL - Shelf and black plate - Custom made in oak wood.
3. COBLONAL - Coat rac - Custom made.
4. BOLIA - Wall lamp - Grape Wall lamp.

Suite Bathroom and Courtesy Bathroom
1. KAVE HOME - Bench - Kwango model

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