Casa Campolivar

Casa Campolivar

Private Houses
Godella, Spain - Build completed in 2018
Diego Opazo

Casa Campolivar

Antonio Altarriba Arquitecto as Architects

The idea was to generate a stone podium that emerged from the base itself, establishing numerous relationships with its immediate surroundings, serving as the base for the sculptural piece of concrete where the program's night area is located.

Materiality is a fundamental part of this project, the work with stone, textured white concrete, glass and wood, are the elements that in an artisanal but very technological way defines the project.

The stone podium is divided into two levels, that of the basement, which houses an illuminated studio through two patios, a laundry room and the garage with the engine rooms, and the ground floor where the access with the lounge is located dining room kitchen and toilet.

The children's rooms are located in the concrete volume, which share a bathroom and a multifunctional central space, which is divided with wooden partitions to be able to be incorporated or not into the rooms. The main room with bathroom and dressing room.

The building appropriates practically the entire plot, generating a landscaped space in the access, and a terrace and pool space on the south side.

Product Specifications
Schotten & WoodWooden Pavement
Foundation for Polish Science Headquarters
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