Casa Ca_Sa
Gabriele Rivoli

An apartment renovation of an 85 sqm in Casalnuovo, Napoli . The house is of a young couple and the compatibility with them in terms of the ethics of furnishing, aesthetic taste and functionalism made our work very original.

We needed to keep in mind that there were limitations ,such as the configuration of the external holes and the position of the entrance that could not be modified, it was possible to emphasize the spatial and distribution characteristics of the environments to give new life to the spaces and maximize the perceptual quality as much as possible. and usability especially in the living area. The main function and comfort guaranteed by the presence of two bathrooms, walk-in closet and laundry, despite the relatively small size of the apartment.

The Manuarino Studio, guided by the dreams and desires of the couple, has experimented with the use of raw materials such as face-to-face concrete of existing pillars, black iron and natural oak wood of the original furnishing elements designed specifically for the apartment.This is positioned around the structures to weave existing and new in a sincere and visceral way.

The concrete effect porcelain stoneware floor enters every room and also rises on the walls of both bathrooms, embellished by the use of fine decorative tiles on the bottom of the washbasins.

The kitchen is characterized by the exclusive use of visible appliances and free installation, declared dutifully and very professionally thanks to the strongly present stainless steel material.

The Manuarino Studio, and also the customers likes to maintain constant materiality throughout the apartment thanks to the use of wood, black iron, exposed concrete, stainless steel, lava stone and the choice of tiles.

The basic white walls, combined with some details such as the bottom of the avio blue sofa, the green chairs, the back red-colored wall of the bed, makes this apartment a sparkling mix but at the same time very peaceful with different playful personal touch that helps give the rooms freshness and vitality but also serenity and well-being.

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