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The aim of the project was to restore the old house of the priest, then property of the Townhall, to turn it into the new Casa de la Cultura (House of Culture).Such building was structured in ground floor and two more, and the current state of the building was determining for the design, as only the exterior walls remained in a good condition.

It is, therefore, a restoration project where only the exterior walls were to be preserved, as well as their openings in the fçade. The access at the groud floor was also preserved, and a new one was built at the first floor taking advantage of the urbanization works of the street to the North side.

The staircase is considered the main organizing element of the inner space. It divides the floors in two areas with different scales, distiguishing between served spaces and servant spaces. It also allows a natural roof light that reinforces the scarce openings on the walls and enhances the lightness of the floor structure and the roof trusses in contrast with the heavy walls remaining.

Kannai Blade Residence
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Kannai Blade Residence

Furocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan - Build completed in 2021
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