Casa Ecuestre / The House of Horses

Casa Ecuestre / The House of Horses

Private Houses
Zipacon, Colombia - Build completed in 2016

Peasant Experience

David Macias Arquitectura & Urbanismo as Architects

Located on one of the many mountain valleys that make up the savannah west of the capital of the Colombian Republic, this is a rural housing type on slightly inclined terrain in cold weather. Its design is given on a central courtyard and this space is considered as an equestrian yard. The project decided to build in two stages, a first housing which includes service area for living, stables and a loft on the second level, all these spaces within a single architectural volume. As virtue and challenge of this project, the spatial articulation of the different uses that requested their owners stands out because as a determinant of housing design should accommodate stables and horse stables within a single architectural volume. Its facade tones reference stone, adobe and clay, typical materials that have culturally been a tradition of the village where this house is. The cold climate, landscape and environment make this project a modern reference on the different rural valleys of Colombian mountain ranges.

Design Architecs: David Macias - Miguel Quintana

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