Casa En Los Conejos II

Casa En Los Conejos II

Private Houses
Los Conejos II, Molina de Segura. Murcia, Spain - Build completed in 2013
Patricia Forcen Scheu

Casa En Los Conejos II

La Mirateca as Architects

‘House in Los Conejos II’ is the result of a reflection about how to cope with a huge plot of land because of its particular topography. It has been opted for just one roof covering different rooms and putting them in order and demarcating the outdoor spaces that are going to be used. Showing the ‘natural relief’ is one of the final premises of the project.

The access becomes the generational element that formalizes and structures the project. Both vehicles and pedestrian gain access by the same ramp to a shade area where the parking and the door of the house are. The abovementioned door organizes the limited internal movements and subdivides the space in public and private. The entrance atrium is characterized by the lack of windows and doors and also because of the existence of a wall. The bedrooms are behind this wall, thus, the visitor cannot sense what is happening in the private areas of the house.

The house takes up the whole plot, so the dimensions cannot be seen in its entirely. Besides, it subdivides the plot into many areas for different uses. The night area has a strategic position, as it fences in the atrium and also because if the visitor open the door, he or she leaves that part of the program behind. The day area, however, is a rectangle where we can find a nucleus which changes according to the requirements. The internal and external relation of every part of the project is another of its peculiarities.

In order to camouflage the house in the natural environment, as there are no many buildings over there, we can find vegetation on the roof. It is in ‘L’ form and provides shade areas where a swimming pool is located. There is a window of huge dimensions that makes possible the relation between the outdoor and indoor spaces, what assures the duplicity of the day zones.

There is a wall on the highest area of the plot that makes the house to seem semi-buried. Thus, the problems of privacy, due to the adjoining plots, are solved. The spaces of services are in that area, making easier the configuration of the open-plan spaces of the day zone and making possible de access to the roof by a ramp to gaze at the landscape.

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