Casa La Puerta
Juan Pablo Sepúlveda

Casa La Puerta

Juan Pablo Sepúlveda as Architects

Located in the foothills of Parral and with a view of the snow-capped Longavi volcano, this second home is situated in a farm formerly devoted to wheat. This area is surrounded by Hualo, Quillaye and Puemo forests, on a gentle slope and at a high enough altitude to allow one to see a complete view of the Maule Region’s central valley.

From a family of architects, the project has a sentimental value for being found in the countryside that we relate to our own childhood and is the realization of years of desire to build a home in a place that we have visited for all of our lives.

The house has a glass exterior that is 32 metres long and 4.5 metres wide. It was designed like this to receive the sun’s rays from east and west during all of the year in all of the bedrooms. The living and dining rooms are placed in the north end, with continuous natural light, in the centre we have the bedrooms and in the south end there is a storage area [Question – is it a wine cellar or general storage], service rooms and the parking spaces.

To find an area with empty space and only a few trees, we built a large eave 2.4 metres wide without pillars that borders and gives shade to all of the glassed perimeter. Like a traditional Chilean house in the countryside, this eave forms a large intermediate space to be in the fresh air, extending the indoors aspect towards the lawns.

The project was conceived and designed to blend the home into the surroundings, with the view from afar being linked to the closer surroundings. These surroundings and the beautiful view can be enjoyed by foot taking in the wide open spaces. The reduced width of the house and the windows permit the house to be transparent and bring a lightness to the place. Also for this reason the bedrooms are separated by the internal corridor and from the exterior by sliding curtains that stay closed to sleep and open during the day so as not to cut off the wonderful views.

For continuity the spaces between the exterior and the interior, the house is constructed at the same level of the land with all paths done in the same manner, refined steel and painted an earth color.

During the spring and summer months, the house is like a hideout, with internal lighting from the reflection of the ceiling materials and protected from the sun with a dark and refreshing shade.

On the outside, on a brick-paved terrace, one can eat under a group of four Peumo trees and there is a white swimming pool 25 metres from the house. From both areas the house can be appreciated and you can enjoy the intense sensation of being in the middle of a large plot of land in the countryside, with the wind and the sun and the views of the Andes mountain range.

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