Casa M / M House

Casa M / M House

saavedra arquitectos
Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, Mexico | View Map
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Ricardo de la Concha

M House

saavedra arquitectos as Architects

M House is a country house located in Avándaro, Mexico.

In the design process for m house, the immediate context (Woods) and the typology (country house) became the concepts of more hierarchy. The house sits on the back part of the site, where vegetation allows it.


Architecture can be design from fundamental constants, the most common example sun’s trajectory. In this case we decide to focus on the rain and the effects it has in architecture. The sound it makes when it drops on the roof tile, the floor, the vegetation or even more water. The smell of wet materials. The flow of space from interior to exterior when rain surrounds them.

The outcome is a plan in an “L” form that keeps the rooms inside the volume, to which a rectangular plane intersects in the center containing the public space, finishing with the pool. Even though the rooms are part of the same volume, two of them have access form outside halls, reducing the action of entering and leaving the house; in this perimeter we designed top windows, capturing the sunlight in Winter and dissecting different views of the Woods.

The materials demanded to be different from one another; this idea can be seen on two zones, “dry one and wet ones”. A stonewall go across the house from outside to inside creating a connection between “dry and wet” materials.

Material Used:

1. Grupo Tenerife. Wooden floor white oak L. 2,400 mm A. 127 mm. E. 14 mm.

2. Escenium Haus. Hydronic Heating.

3. Castel.Bathdroom furniture.

4. . MACERE.Black Recinto floor. (recinto is a type of volcanic rock) 40x60 cm

5.David Pompa. Black clay lamps. Mod. Can Large

6. La metropolitana. Wooden Stools Mod. Rockai.

7. Saint Gobain. Transparent Glass

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Project Credits
Black clay lamps. Mod. Can Large
Product Spec Sheet

Wooden Stools Mod. RockaiLa metropolitana
Wooden floor white oak L. 2,400 mm A. 127 mm. E. 14 mm.Grupo Tenerife
Transparent GlassSaint-Gobain Glass HQ
Product Spec Sheet
Wooden Stools Mod. Rockai
Wooden floor white oak L. 2,400 mm A. 127 mm. E. 14 mm.
Transparent Glass
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