Casa Moreno
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Casa Moreno

STUDIOTAMAT as Architects

Casa Moreno is a tourist accommodation located in the heart of Trastevere, an historical Roman neighbourhood.

It is a 65 square meters ground floor apartment, in a nineteenth-century building and is characterized by three windows that open to an internal courtyard, load-bearing walls which invade the interior spaces, guiding the main areas, and a ceiling that sometimes reach 3.80 meters high.

The architectural intervention consists in transforming a dark and oppressive apartment into a welcoming and airy accomodation with an entrance hall, a master suite with private bathroom, a living room with a loft-style bedroom, a kitchenette and a second bathroom.

In the living room the main feature is the large iron wall made by a numerically controlled machine and oven-painted afterwards. It separates the living area from the bedroom one, which leans on a raised platform of about 100cm from the ground.

Color was one of the most important features of the project, the warm tints blend together creating unexpected geometries on walls and ceilings.

All the furnishings were designed and ad hoc made together with several local artisans in order to make the apartment immediately recognizable and to make the maximum use of the spaces.

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Frieze Art Fair 2017
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Frieze Art Fair 2017

London, United Kingdom - Build completed in 2017
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