Casa ‘na’

Casa ‘na’

Studio Architect Shuji Hisada
Shiga, Japan
Project Year

Private Houses
Nacása & Partners Inc. - Atsushi Nakamichi

“House in a pastoral landscape”

Studio Architect Shuji Hisada as Architects

This house is in a countryside of a small farmer’s village. The concept is “Standard Plus”. It is not felt ‘New and Special’, but somehow it is felt a atomosphere of ‘Pastoral and Nostalgia’. This house is for a young family of middle class with a young parent and three daugters. I tried to create a ‘Place’ more than ‘Space’ for their life and a certain direction of a ‘Image’ for their selection any furnitures + making a garden, a terrace and so on freely. I wanted to design that this house will be brough up with their growing up sweetly. So I desided to use almost all wood as a structure and finishing material for their planed any arrangement this house as they like freely. I hope the exterior’s wall would be coverd in ivy in the future that I proposed them.

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