Tello House

TCN-Taller César Núñez as Architects

Each person is a universe, we all have different characteristics, completely different needs, temperament, physiology, plans, dreams and convictions, likewise, we believe that each house, building, garden, etc., is a reflection of the owner's soul, and that It is what as architects we seek to recreate in each project, to make the link between the building and its owner the best possible, not only in terms of satisfying the needs raised in the beginning, but also to make the user really feel in harmony while being within it, that a sensory bond can be generated in as many aspects as possible.
This is how we see it in Casa Tello, a project where knowing the client has been the most important task within the creative design process, because that is where each and every one of the ideas that gave shape and life to the architectural project, starting from the first abstraction generated to depend on the general design, assuming idea after idea, relating the life and routine of the owner, always seeking to avoid monotony.
Casa Tello is a project that has left a good taste in the mouth of both us designers and the owner, since we achieved the difficult task of making an architectural replica of what the owner is, since we have not only looked at his profession, and routine, but we have gone further, getting into and looking for their most particular tastes, their family and their most shared tastes with theirs, thus reaching a result that has managed to satisfy architecturally and personally the needs and owner's particularities.

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Coast to Coast deli/cafeteria
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Coast to Coast deli/cafeteria

Palermo, PA, Italy - Build completed in 2021
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