Catalog of wooden specimens

Catalog of wooden specimens

Kiyotoshi Mori Natsuko Kawamura MDS
Tokyo, Japan

Catalog of wooden specimens

Kiyotoshi Mori Natsuko Kawamura MDS as Architects

Catalog of wooden specimens and gradation of the space The office building of timber company is located in Shinkiba, which is the town traditionally famous for timber trading in Tokyo. Layering screen made of various kinds of wood, a merchandise of client, provides space with an appearance of depth. The more visitor steps forward from the noisy front street to meeting space and inner office space through the layers, the more silent space appears- it forms a series of gradation leading to silent. The layers of wooden screens through the glass walls provide “Catalog of wooden specimens”.

Changing space and facade The wooden panels composed of the symbolic facade can rearrange the position to suit to each season, the movable wooden blind in front of the courtyard can adjust the angle to suit sunlight in a day. In addition, the movable door in the meeting room can change the space based on the user’s demand.

Changing light pattern The layered wooden screen can change the volume of light for each season by time and user’s style. The different facade can be displayed everyday to the town. The pattern of light and shade which varies from hour to hour is as if the dance of the light.

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