CAVI_ Casa Calderon
AGRA Arquitectos

CAVI_ Casa Calderon

AGRA Anzellini Garcia-Reyes Arquitectos as Architects

The architectural proposal for this house, located in the countryside near the township of Villa Leyva, Colombia, is inspired in the typology of colonial architecture which has been very well preserved in this region. As usual in AGRA´s architectural approach, the project proposes the use of local materials such as bricks, ceramic tiles for the roof and for the floor in rooms and corridors, stone for the patio and stairs.


These, combined with “modern” materials and techniques such as the hermetic windows and sliding doors, and reforestation timber for the structure, contribute to thermal comfort, achieving an aesthetic result respectful of colonial architectural typologies in an organic adaptation to topography and existing landscape features. The client´s family was involved through a participatory approach in the design and construction of the project.


The form and settlement of the house in the site was carefully designed: based on a “V” shape, creating an open patio -a traditional spatial typology of local architecture-, with two wings in open angles, the entrance at the center facing the main view to Mount Iguaque, the sacred landmark for the pre-Columbian Muisca People. The patio is the most important domestic realm of the house, disposing social spaces on one extremity and private bedrooms on the other wing.

The slanted colonnade and beams in the wide corridors and the eaves edging the roof were carefully built in pinewood, enhancing both the central patio and the adjacent lake. The external façade is an austere design of squared shape windows of different dimensions carved in a massive white wall, conveying a visual strong effect inspired in the colonial monastic architecture, strongly present in this province of Ricaurte.


The interior spaces are disposed clearly through a linear sequence of rooms at the left side from the entrance hall, and, at the right side, food pantry, kitchen, dining and living rooms, enjoying both the physical relationship with the patio and corridors and views to the surrounding woods and valley.

Material Used :

1. For structure and ceiling: reforestation timber

2. For walls: bricks from local factories

3. For roof: ceramic tiles

4. For the floor in rooms and corridors: ceramic tiles 

5. For the patio and stairs: stone

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