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Paola De Pietri


NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architect as Project Manager

The plan of the new civic and cultural centre - winning proposal in a 2001 competition - involves the restoration and the recovery of the rural complex "la corte", placed in the center of the town, a built up space around the "urban garden" of the inner open court, new polo of traversetolo civic and cultural life.

The operations of innovation and modification of the inner spaces detect few delicate points, substantial nodes, essential for the inner distribution and able to accomodate important activities for the cultural life of traversetolo; they pursue therefore and idea of harmonic and coherent transformation of the building, useful to the new life that the center will assume. 

The project aims at developing the urban and architectonic characteristics of the place by reconstructing a network of physical-perceptive relations and connections with the urban surroundings (fanfulla square, the building joint to the complex on the corner, the new building and the open space near cantini street, the south parking) and aims at building a new complex interference between the architectures linked to the creation of a new public space (civic centre), of new socializing functions, of collective places that multiply the meeting chances.

The civic and cultural centre la corte is organized on two spatial sequences (inner porch-library-youth centre county hall and crossing atrium-brozzi museum that is made of didactic classes, temporary and permanent exhibition halls and brozzi archives-local stock exchange hall –space for associations) placed in the rural wing (first lot) and in the landlord wing (second lot) and both characterised by a pole of connection determining the organization and management of the surrounding spaces: the first is th ecrossin atrium and the second is the porch of the former hay-loft with the new opening on cantini street.

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Ambli Road, South Bopal, Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - Build completed in 2020
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