Cemusa Street Furniture

Cemusa Street Furniture

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Madrid, Spain

Cemusa Street Furniture

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners as Architects

RRP has been commissioned to design a range of street furniture suitable for a wide range of urban and geographical contexts (Cemusa has contracts with city councils in Italy, Spain, Portugal and throughout South America). The range encompasses bus shelters, as well as telephone kiosks, LED signs, public WCs, litter bins and water fountains.

RRP´s design principles were based on clear criteria: • the range should consist of a ´family´ of elements, expressing a coherent identity • the designs should be innovative, using new materials such as composite material monocoques and impact/scratch resistant glass/polycarbonate laminated panels, as well as energy techniques which obviate the need for conventional service provision the efficient use of materials should result in a cost-effective range the furniture needs to offer differing levels of interactivity.

The concept is based on the idea of surface as structure - simple folded planes in both plan and section (as in the Japanese art of Origami) creating efficient structural strength and stability through geometry.

Photovoltaic cells in the roof store sufficient energy to supply the advertisement panels during night-time. Clip on devices have been developed to enhance users’ environmental comfort, personal cooling fans and phase change material which may be stored in the seats to provide cooling and warming, depending on the ambient air temperatures.

RRP has evolved three complementary systems – Leaf, Petals and Triangular. All three are highly adaptable and can be configured in various ways. The triangular kiosk can be double-height, creating a legible and distinct ´marker´ conveying a range of information - public transport details (maps, schedules etc) as well as city-specific logos and branding. RRP and Cemusa are currently developing prototypes of all three designs.

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