Center For Promotion of Science of The Republic of Serbia

Center For Promotion of Science of The Republic of Serbia

Belgrade, Republic of Serbia
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The center for the promotion of science

SADAR+VUGA as Architects

The Center for Promotion of Science building is part of the masterplan competition project in Belgrade, Serbia. Our masterplan design incorporates the existing building of the Faculty of Drama Arts with its proposed extension, and provides four new Faculties, a mathematics gymnasium, a science center with 50m tower, as well as the new building of the Centre of Promotion of Science. All are positioned on 8 islands. Among the islands, 5 plazas are developed. The CFPS building appears as a large platform from which a playful and relaxed manner promotes science to the widest public audience, and invited them to participate. CFPS is a ring whose form is truly symmetrical. It is a one storey building, touching the ground with four big legs connected with four arches. In the center of the building is an outdoor atrium, from which we enter the main exhibition floor via escalators. The atrium is infilled with a forest of trees and three pairs of escalators as a main public circulation device of the building. The forest atrium is the hub of the building. Conceptually, it positions Nature and natural systems as an ongoing source for scientific development. We, as human beings, are invited to start exploring Science from Nature. From the Big Lawn surrounding the building we enter the atrium under four arches. We are, as visitors, in the centre on the building, in the nature, surrounded by science. We take a route through main indoor exhibition level around the atrium and then continue to the large flat roof, to the science garden. Here we explore outdoor scientific experiments, participate in urban farming and play on the playground. Here we are in the science environment with a view down to the forest atrium, to the Big Lawn, the entire Science Campus and New Belgrade. Our experience of science versus nature is thus accomplished

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