Centro de Investigación de la Universitat de Valèn

Centro de Investigación de la Universitat de Valèn

ARKÍTERA SLP | Sociedad de Arquitectura
Calle Serpis s/n (Campus de Tarongers UV), Valencia, Spain | View Map
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Joan Roig

Centro de Investigación de la Universitat de València

ARKÍTERA SLP | Sociedad de Arquitectura as Architects

With the increasing modernization of the Spanish University, a diffuse reality has also been promoted. The careers have been fragmented numerically in the time that the faculties have been physically defined as replaced by the "buildings of use" that, distributed by a Campus, are articulated thanks to the displacement.


With these premises, we had to look for ambiguous spaces by polyfunctional, and undefined by growing up, changeable and adaptable to the vertiginous university dynamics, to accompany in this way as soon as possible. For this reason we try to build simple, orthogonal, solid and immutable forms whose structure of a flat concrete portico, for clear and concrete, will place our building in that generous architectural land and buildings serve everything.


There spaces will guarantee habitability but will remain open to finally adjust them to their final destination. And then, once their investment was amortized, they could adapt to another new use that was willing to occupy the space now released. What we could define as a container so sparse at the beginning as it grows with its changing and uncertain future.


For this, the project defines its unit as a solid of 350 x 350x 350 cm. in the manner of a cubicle capable of containing the minimum space to support individualized administrative use. And that cubicle we overlap it in a mesh of black concrete wires that hold it wherever it is; Wherever it is needed. The structural and immutable black mesh to hold changing cubes with use. Those cubes could be added in larger groupings, as much as they should later disintegrate to regain individuality within their original mesh space.

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MAMPARAS - Movinord M82.
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