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City for All

City for All

Frankfurt/Main, Germany
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City for All

UNStudio as Architects

A ‘City for All’ - UNStudio announced as the unanimous winner of the architectural competition for the former Deutsche Bank site in Frankfurt Comprising four high-rise towers with a multi-storey plinth and housing mixed-use programmes, large public spaces and incorporated subsidised housing, UNStudio's design for the former Deutsche Bank site will create a 'City for All' in the heart of Frankfurt.

Following having been selected as the winner for the urban strategy of the former Deutsche Bank site in Frankfurt last year, UNStudio has now also been unanimously selected as the winner of the architectural competition for the redevelopment of the site.The eight-member jury consisted of representatives from the city, architects and urban development experts and Groß& Partner GrundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaftmbH. Two third prizes were awarded to the teams Dudler / Jahn and MSW / Snohetta, while an honorable mention was given toChristophMäckler / CoopHimmelblau.

The competition brief was to create a mixed-use, urban city quarter consisting of four high-rise towers and a multi-storey plinth in the heart of Frankfurt. The redevelopment includes retail, gastronomy and hotels, as well as a comprehensive range of accommodation. The four towers, which will be up to 228 meters high, will redefine the Frankfurt skyline.

The jury selected UNStudio’s design based on the silhouette and ensemble of the four towers, as well as the spatial qualities, which are also demonstrated by the integration of the listed buildings in the Junghofstraße. The consistent opening-up of the city quarter ensures a new network of the inner city routes between the banking district, the Rossmarkt, the Kaiserplatz and the shopping areas of the Goethestraße as far as the Old Opera House.

City of the future Jürgen Groß, Managing Partner Groß& Partner:"I am delighted that the four towers will create a new, lively location in the heart of Frankfurt City. The project offers the opportunity to increase Frankfurt's attractiveness as an interesting and viable city on an international level and thus make an important contribution to the development of our city. We consider UNStudio’s designto be very successful, because the four towers enrich the skyline not only architecturally, but also as a public attraction."

With theredevelopment, Groß& Partner will create new public space at a location in the city centre which has beeninaccessible for more than 45 years. At least 3,000 people are expected to work in the new neighbourhood, while about 1,000 people will live there. Apart from apartments and offices, the complex will also include catering, retail, hotels, local shops, a children's playground and adventure areas.

Mike Josef,City Councilor: "The project will play a pioneering role in the transformation of Frankfurt's banking district into a mixed-use quarter. With the new layout of the site and a greater mix of programmes, a new space with a publicly accessible roof area and affordable living space will be created. The centrally located site, which has for a long time beenclosed, will now be open to the public. This will become a lively neighbourhood, not only for working but also for living."

Ben van Berkel, Founder / Principal Architect UNStudio: “Bringing a mixed-use project into this financial district will not only enliven the area during daytime, but it will also introduce evening programmes and create an essential form of social sustainability to this part of the city. The introduction of the residential and the leisure components are key to this strategy. This sculptural family of towers will also create the impressionof a cohesive neighbourhood within the skyline and emphasise the importance of this part of the city within the whole.”

The contributions of all architectural firms will be publicly displayed at Junghofstraße 11 on the former Deutsche Bank premises from 4th March to 18th March 2017.

Construction of the new quarter is expected to start in the course of this year, with the use of the first building indicated for 2021.

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