City-Rail-Station Zoo / Flora

City-Rail-Station Zoo / Flora

Ruebsamen and Partner
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City-Rail-Station Zoo / Flora

Ruebsamen and Partner as Architects

Constructive symbolism in the difficult urban environment / new kick-off to the second most important magnet for visitors of the city

According to the plans of the architects Rübsamen + partner, Bochum, was realised in Cologne the new building the light rail station Zoo / flora and stopped an unsatisfactory years design as traffic condition. Although the Zoo is second largest magnet for visitors of the city after the Cathedral, was the stop for the Zoo and Botanical Garden - extraterrestrial located before diving underground direction DOM - previously not even barrier-free expanded, deprecated the structural substance in addition. Neglected the equally city design as fruitful orientation and identity importance the stop as the arrival point for the Zoo and within a heterogeneous urban environment was thus far. Functional figure Based on a concept of the city of Cologne to the barrier-free development realized Rübsamen + partner therefore a new building, which combines high functionality with a distinctive and at the same time constructive logical design. Fundamentally, a holistic formal setting, a new bridge structure and the platforms as an architectural unit was defined, underlined by a comprehensive materiality. A clear gesture of the platform roof swinging freely about the tracks is also convex-run bridging the tracks as equivalent. A decisive criterion for the design was that thus additional technical effort as such lift or escalator could be dispensed with. Steel construction as a form-giving principle Shape formative principle, the design collects the steel structure itself which is forward the inner logic and aesthetics. So, the curved ramp of track transfer was made from a v-shaped, seam-welded steel construction. The height of the steel bridge is approx. 90 cm top cap, the total width of about 3 meters. The formal counterpart forms the Arch of the platform roof, whose Tragwerk as a visible, several times opposite curved tubular steel beam truss was planned, which is mounted on clamped steel tube supports. The crossing of the track of the roof is done without supports. The structure was overacting a skin from powder-coated aluminium sheets and coated powder coated expanded metal frame. Logic and materiality of the structure continues while the remaining details. So, the railings and the glass wall of a continuous stroke from 100 mm wide flat were made; Glass and light pillars evolve vertically from the railing design and become a genuine part of the overall design.

Mark within the urban texture The large form and the rational language that continues up in details like railings and structural, give the stop a simple character character that evening is accented by a discreet lighting scenario of the two defining elements. At the same time, the draft is thus reacting to the fact that the structure of the surrounding buildings and the nearby Zoo bridge from above is visible. Conscious avoiding design mannerisms, the new building marked not only a piece of transport infrastructure, but as a point of arrival at Zoo and flora within the context of urban development difficult an urban place.

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