Civic and Cultural Center in Calle Rio de la Pila

Civic and Cultural Center in Calle Rio de la Pila

Calle Rio De La Pila, Spain
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Javier Azurmendi

Civic and Cultural Center in Calle Rio de la Pila


This narrow plot placed in Rio de la Pila Street, a mythical zone of the old Santander, full of History, wooden balconies - always painted in brown color. And of these musical echoes, there is located the new civic center that tries to satisfy the needs of approximately 10000 people who populate the neighborhood.

The proposal builds on two premises.

The sustentation of dividing houses placed in the highest part of the street, the use of the intern status of assistant parcel with east-west orientation.

The vertical communications, facilities and services grouped in a “buttress” capable of supporting the solicitations of the neighbors. The rest of the floor is liberated to facilitate the different activities, specializing them in horizontally so that overlapping generates an hybrid building used by different groups of age and customs.

This way the ground floor lodges –against the ground-a didactic playroom, the first floor lodges a subdivided conference room, the second floor lodges diverse workshops and the office and the third floor the library and the room of computer science.

In the cover we take again the ideas of the modern movement to locate a terrace audience where it is possible to evoke the sounds of the Jazz that made the street famous a few years ago so now they will come back from the rooftops again.

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