Health Center in Mairena del Aljarafe

Miguel Angel de la Cova Morillo Velarde as Architects

The site is located between an established area of the town and a new neighbourhood whose development is almost complete. Between those areas, one finds the intersection of various scales that reflect the idiosyncrasies of Mairena del Aljarafe in the last 25 years: flavours of the old village and of a new and increasingly active town which will inexorably turn into the main city in the Aljarafe area.

A mild but significantly steep slope in the east-west direction recalls the landscape of the hills that the inhabitants do not want to give up. The well-proportioned road, which is next to a park on the south side, creates a gap between buildings that helps enforce the idea of a balanced growth that we intend to consolidate with the proposal.

The space of the health-centre is organized through a scheme 8, east- west oriented, where the longest arms respond to the scale of the environment. The south wing, which is a one-plant height, is adjusted to the scale of the nearby garden. The north wing hosts more areas and is organized in three heights, responding to the nearby building front.

Thus, we propose a compact complex that contains open indoor courtyards and patios, which are communicated with others that belong to the outdoor urban landscape. The objective is to remind domestic environments and scales which are suitable to the closeness that characterizes health centres.

Hence, you can reach the main hall from both sides of the building: from the west, by climbing some wide stairs decorated with plants and through the bridge-like door that links both wings; from the east, by going into a kind of patio that recalls traditional spaces of southern Spain.

The hall is flanked by the main staircase on one side and the information point on the other. From both places, several separated functional routes are developed, avoiding the intersection between users and the health-centre personnel.

Special enamel industrial bricks have been used in all surfaces, indoors and outdoors. This decision helps understand the building as a whole. The use of enamel bricks has a long tradition in Andalusia, now redesigned in a contemporary way, recalling the shadows of the olive-tree leaves that are easy to find in the near surrounding landscape.

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