Clienia – Lino Castle

Clienia – Lino Castle

Dan pearlman Erlebnisarchitektur GmbH
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Clienia Klinik Littenheid – Spatial and Communication Concept

Dan pearlman Erlebnisarchitektur GmbH as Architects

Clienia Klinik Littenheid Spatial and Communications Concept

Lino Castle …

A castle offers protection, every kid knows that! This is especially true for “Lino Castle,” because in this case it concerns the psychiatric child and adolescent clinic at the Clienia clinic village in Littenheid in Eastern Switzerland. Here children and adolescents with depression, fear of school, ADHS, borderline disorders and traumas are treated – here they find help, safety and protection. In August the castle gates will open for the first time for younger and older patients. Together with the children and adolescents from the clinic as well as doctors, care-providers, trained experts and clinic directors, dan pearlman developed with “Lino Castle” a spatial and communications concept that strongly promotes the recovery process of the children and adolescents and lets them feel at ease in their temporary home for the duration of their stay. From the strategic planning and the visual look, to the implementation of the interior design and furnishings concept, dan pearlman played the role of strategic partner to the clinic during all phases. With “Lino Castle” Clienia sets a standard for a lasting design of clinics not only in Switzerland but far beyond its borders.

…understanding playful

For a period of months strategists and designers developed for Cliena the complete story of “Lino Castle,” which is deeply rooted in the history of the clinic village and also reflects all the standard medical histories of the young patients. The five characters developed especially for Clienia – Alfa, Dipsta, Betha, Elysee and Calibri – function as guardian protectors of the individual wards and represent various types of ailments and emotional states. Each figure is distinguished by an individual colour palette as well as special traits. Binoculars, a steering wheel and a treasure chest are for example the faithful companions of Betha the Pirate. Instead of going to school, he would prefer to conquer the high seas and signalizes empathy, safety and understanding to the children and adolescents on his ward. Even Lino, the castle dragon and for whom the castle is named, has left his marks all over the clinic in the form of paw prints and scratch marks.

…helping heal

The architectural spatial concept also grew out of the storyline of Lino Castle and unites colours, forms, materials, graphics and furniture to create a healing and anxiety-free environment. Playful, inviting and something different than clinic grey, lovingly designed relaxation areas, interactive room elements and common areas await the young patients. The newly designed spatial and communications concept strongly supports the effectiveness of treatment, making starting therapy easier and increasing its success for the children and adolescents involved as well as their parents. As a result, Clienia conveys with “Lino Castle” a feeling of safety and understanding. Not least, the concept also allows Clienia to better position itself in the Swiss health care market. Never-before realized in Switzerland, this concept has received a wealth of attention from experts and the media.

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