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Climax Music Studio is a film music studio project designed by Endless Space Architects. The biggest feature of this project is to design a dynamic space in a regular pattern. The design focused on how to make space feels bigger in a narrow and long site.


The idea that the designer wants to convey is that no matter how strong the functionality is, even if it seems to be a closed and flexed space, it's still possible to make space flow by design.


The site of Climax Music Studio is 7.2 meters wide and 20 meters deep. The specific functional requirements of Studio include recording room, main and secondary control rooms, 4 arranger rooms, business meeting plus viewing rooms, storage, music producer ‘s living room, and rehearsal area.



Because of many functional rooms, the site will occupy a large part of the area by the walkway. The design strategy here is to embed a partially enlarged spatial sequence. The aisles at different levels are superimposed to expand it into an internal public space; enlarged spaces are set at both ends of the aisle, taking advantage of the difference in people's perception time to alleviate the cramped feeling brought by narrow spaces.


The studio must increase the area by mezzanine to accommodate the many functional spaces required. Uses the beam and socket space as much as possible. The steel beams of the original building are partially hidden. The exposed part of the steel beams strengthens the rhythm of the space, and the structure is transformed into an expression of beauty. Digging down ensures that the core functional space on the first floor has sufficient clear height.


Endless Space Architects has always emphasized that the lightest and thinnest building components can effectively solve the functional problems. The mezzanine staircase is thin and light, giving more space to the sitting area. Common recording studio walls are very heavy. By studying materials and details, the designer uses much thinner walls to meet acoustic requirements, leaving users with valuable space width.


New prototype

The client hoped that the core function can achieve independent control of the recording room in both control rooms. The designer created a new recording space prototype, in which the recording room is in the middle and used as the axis, one control room in series left and right. In this way, the recording room becomes a space medium. Thus, the two control rooms can be opposite each other, and space continues. Conventional recording studios only have observation windows on one side of the recording room or no observation windows at all. In this regard, it is strongly different from conventional studio types.


The second floor faces south with a short depth and good sunlight. The musicians' living, simple rehearsal and rest spaces are located on the second floor. All these functional spaces are integrated to make the second floor open as a whole.

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