Clubhouse HC IJsseloever

Clubhouse HC IJsseloever

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Clubhouse HC IJsseloever

EVA as Architects

The existing clubhouse dates back to the 60s and was subsequently used by the local football- and korfball club before hockeyclub IJsseloever moved in in 2000. The property has been very intensively used and is technically, aesthetically and programmatically outdated. Therefore, it was decided to demolish it and build a new clubhouse.

The program is roughly divided in two parts: the changing rooms and everything that goes with it, and the clubhouse itself. We chose to partially recess the changing rooms and realize the clubhouse on top of it. Because the clubhouse stands higher, there is a good view over the playing fields, and the raised ground level serves as a terrace and grandstand. The basement is shaped in concrete, the light clubhouse with its wooden cladding contrasts nicely, and stands as a pavilion on a base. The field side is kept as transparent as possible with glass doors that can open in the summer and inside and outside merge into one another. To accentuate the subordinate function of the remaining facade openings, their view is filtered by wooden blinds. The facade has been lifted to the side of the entry route to relate to the height of the adjacent sports hall and give the entrance and the building stature. The field side is kept low to keep the human dimension. The layout of the clubhouse is divided into different areas that can be opened and closed depending on the required usage and ammount of people present.

The roof is filled with solar panels that generate all the needed electricity for both the new clubhouse and the lighting of the four hockey fields.

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Pati Blau
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