Clubhouse in Cerro Colorado

Clubhouse in Cerro Colorado

Artadi Arquitecto
Lima, Peru
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Club House in Cerro Colorado

Artadi Arquitecto as Architects

The Project consists of a club house and beach facilities for Cerro Colorado’s club.

Conceptually, the solution questions the relation between man and nature.

The straight line, as in “man’s line”, finds in its evolution towards the grid, the definition of architecture with pure and abstract forms as the manifestation of the man in the nature.

In the project, these concepts are materialized in a rectangular platform on which three volumes, geometrically shaped, are located. First the cafeteria which is inside a box; the restrooms in a cylinder; and the ellipse is the pool.

The use of different ceramic tiles, has been of main importance for this project where the contrast between the grid of the tiles and the winding lines of the nature constitutes the essence of the project.

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Skwachàys Lodge: Aboriginal Art Hotel
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Vancouver, Canada
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