Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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3deluxe as Interior Architects

The CocoonClub was conceived as an avant-garde field of experimentation where space and perception could be transformed. In an interdisciplinary process 3deluxe designed all elements to form a holistic space in which architecture, graphic programme as well as media and web design influenced themselves reciprocally.

The perforated walls of the triangular main section are reminiscent of a permeable cell membrane, whose openings permit the flow of visitors. Because of its multilayered construction and the structure of its surface it is the most significant architectonic element of the club. A moving all-round projection, which can be synchronized in time to suit the DJ’s set, is projected onto the side facing the dance area.

13 thirteen capsule-shaped micro-rooms penetrate the membrane wall, enabling eye contact between the quieter outer area and the buzzing interior. They are modern loges, providing privacy for “cocooning” in the midst of a semi-public environment. Some of these Cocoons are luxuriously appointed and can be reserved exclusively.

The most striking element of the club area is the imposing white DJ pulpit. From their raised position, DJ and VJ conduct the multi-media staging.

Two restaurants broaden the CocoonClub’s scope. The straight lines of the cube-shaped furniture and the exclusive use of dark wood give the interior its captivating qualities. The graphic grains in the bamboo surfaces together with their relief-like structure are particularly fascinating.

A space-filling grid of silver fibreglass tubes that hang down from the ceiling further emphasizes the geometry of the design. In order to break up its linear severity, the string matrix is superimposed with complex multi-media ornamentation. These aesthetic beamer projections move in coordination with the music – thereby illustrating the various three-dimensional sound spaces, which the DJ produces simultaneously.

In BedRestaurant Silk, eating and drinking is elevated to the level of an artistic ceremony based on Asian and ancient eating habits.

From the entrance, visitors are led to one of eight large couch areas separated from each other by gauze curtains. On each of the upholstered elements there is room for up to nine persons to either lie or sit. The exquisite food and drink is served on fine glass trays, and can be placed in deposits in the beds’ surrounding arm rests.

Constantly changing light immerses the double-layered white gauze in harmonious shades of color, influencing the mood of the guests. Between the gauze layers, filigree metal ornaments form an attractive eye-catcher.

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