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Colazione sul’erba

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Colazione sul’erba

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«Una Stanza Tutta Per Sé, now at its third run, takes into account the idea of hospitality. Authors are invited to imagine spaces as places to be inhabited not only by their own personal ideas but also by a physical person of their choice. The Room thus opens up to desirable guests and every invitation turns into an opportunity to enter uncharted mental territory».                                                     Domitilla Dardi


The seventh and last edition of Una Stanza Tutta Per Sé, will see the interpretation of an artist. After three years in which designers and architects have succeeded in creating our first site-specific cultural project, the Stanza trilogy closes with Agostino Iacurci, a young Apulian artist living in Berlin. His interpretation of Hospitality is the most familiar and close to everyday life in a classic family, Italian and not only.


«In my family the table is the center of social life, the place where you spend most of your time together and where you exchange affections in the form of dishes..


Moreover, in my part, to brake abruptly an excess of confidence of an interlocutor, you ask himself: "Have we ever eaten together?", as to say that sharing a meal is the minimum requirement of knowing. When I was invited to imagine a room on this theme "Desired guests" I could not help thinking of the great tables of my childhood, often laid out in the countryside during family celebrations, of which my favorite part was the making of sauce.


So I imagined a table among the tomatoes, a plant very dear to me and with an emblematic story. Native to Mexico and Peru, the tomato plant arrived in Europe in 1540. Considered toxic for a long time and then used for ornamental purposes, the tomato became an edible food only many decades later, thanks to the process of adaptation to our climates that turned the fruit from yellow to red. In 500 years, that appeared to us as a poison because of its exotic appearance ended up becoming a cornerstone of our gastronomic culture, an element of identity and an essential part of our economy.


In the middle of this landscape with tomatoes I then imagined a table. I inspired it from the curves of Victorine Meurent in the most famous of the paintings depicting a rural meal:


"Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe" by Manet. Sinuous and safe, the peculiarity of this table is that of being a carpet at the same time. An object that can ideally accommodate the different ways of eating: standing, sitting, kneeling, on the ground. In fact, I wanted my table to be open and curious, able to make every guest desired».

Agostino Iacurci

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