Colosseum Restoration

Colosseum Restoration

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Colosseum Restoration

Gonzato Contract as Contractors

In february 2014, Gonzato Contract has been given the task to make the new fences of the Colosseum. The agreement concerns the supply and installation of fences and wrought iron gates that will replace the existing closure system of the outer arches: there will be 56 fencings and 13 automated gates. The one of the Colosseum, for the company, is the third major restoration in Rome. During the 90 years they made artistic wrought iron elements for the railings in Piazza Vittorio and for the fences of Palace of Justice. Three years after the signing of the sponsorship agreement by the Tod's Group, and after a few months from the works start, Gonzato Contract is proud to be part of the operations that will take care of the restoration of the world's most famous amphitheater.

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