COMPLETION OF Certosa di San Francesco

COMPLETION OF Certosa di San Francesco

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COMPLETION OF Certosa di San Francesco

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The monumental complex of Certosa di San Francesco is located in Avigliana (Torino, Italy), close to the Sacra di San Michele (Saint Michael’s Abbey). Its organism consists of monumental parts of relevant historical quality. The main body, whose origins date back to the XVI century, is composed of the church, the cloister and the rural buildings. This project regards its completion through a series of interventions that rebuilt the underpass between the Convent and the gardens (used by the cloistered nuns not to be seen by anybody), restored the ex-school and built two new structures dedicated to the activity of the Gruppo Abele onlus (lead by Don Luigi Ciotti). Our project tried to maintain unalterated its historical and artistic values respecting the original features and construction types by interpreting, when necessary, the tracks of preexisting signs or proposing new ones that could dialogue with them. The aim was not to create any contraposition with the existing but a coexisting by form and consistence in an architectonical continuity, thus searching harmony with the entire historical complex.

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