Concept of a family house in Sobín

Concept of a family house in Sobín

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Concept of a family house in Sobín

monom as Architects

Design of a family house in the middle of a garden with a pond - a world surrounded by trees, grass and water. 

The house lives in its own world, independent of the surrounding, creating an island of privacy for the owner. The entrance part of the house is created by a permeable structure for car parking (the owner is a big fan of automobile racing sports) through which the house is approached. The main house opens to the western garden with a little pond and an exterior kitchen. The volume of the master study tops the whole house, with stairs enabling to climb even higher to reach distant views.


Material Used :

1. Facade cladding – wooden planks treated with oil

2. Janosík Windows - Rand Panorama

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Window: Rand PanoramaJanošík Okna-Dvere s.r.o
Product Spec Sheet
Window: Rand Panorama
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