Concert and Congress Centre De Doelen

Concert and Congress Centre De Doelen

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Concert and Congress Centre De Doelen

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Consulting HVAC system

Design: Catwalks, lighting towers, canopy with technical facilities, stage lighting, amplifying system for spoken word and projection facilities

Tender: European tender for seating

Construction: Management, planning and budget control

The large concert hall in De Doelen was profoundly renovated forty years after its opening. The most important changes are the new seating, the architectural lighting and the canopy above the stage area. Within this mobile canopy one finds many built-in technical facilities including orchestra lighting, a film screen, flybars, speakers and stage lighting. The new catwalks and lighting towers are not in the public’s view, but discretely built into walls and ceiling. Furthermore, there is a new HVAC system, which is more comfortable, and more energy efficient

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