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Due to the case has the big advantage of natural light, replacing cold stone material with warm timber, the appearance of material and texture back to the essence. It is even more stress-free and closer to everyday life.

Color on space, the owners prefer soft and moist visual experience which mentioned safety and environment extension at the same time. To strengthen the space for child, we avoid bright color and sharp angle to making the public area become more spacious. In planning the space, it has the spatial layout that allows multiple used for family. By expanding area, it not only meets the living habits of owners, but the opening positions allow room to have cozy visual link. The match with white tile and wood veneers is even more gentle and pleased.

The color and soft timber with a clear and elegant style appear simple and bright without too much decoration. In order to combine these functions, it still has a gender and simple space for used. The style of bedrooms and living room are complement with each other. By removing edges and corners of furniture, the sense of space become more assure and peaceful.

The division of the ground material separates the different spatial functions between public and private. One is the tile for entrance; the other is the timber to connect from living to study, and dining room. In order to integrate the public zone into one, the rotating TV wall breaks the tradition. It enhance the spatial layering and liquidly from space to space. The future daily life seems close throughout grant window invites natural light to come in.

The overall color of the furniture is presented in one color with a light-colored wood veneer. The cabinet is painted into white and divides the contour to retain each independence. The unique curves ceiling in bedroom has rigid structure so they are many odd joints between beams and columns. But the effort was worth of trying so that whole interior would be more gentle and comfortable. Also, part of wall is made by Lotos (environmental friendly material which reuses sludge from Taiwan) shows the taste of the room. Lighting is an important design feature in a home design, by using point light to create more levels of luminosity changing.The furniture is quite simple and easy to highlight its own characteristics, so that the space is to be given tranquil comfort.

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ElementBrandProduct link
Study room floor lamp Louis PoulsenAJ Floor
Living room chair Carl Hansen & Sønshell chair
Kitchen Stainless steel faucets Nivito
Product Spec Sheet
Study room floor lamp
Living room chair
Kitchen Stainless steel faucets
by Nivito
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