Contemporary Art Center, Baia Mare

Contemporary Art Center, Baia Mare

Suzana Muresan
Baia Mare, Romania
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Contemporary Art Center

Suzana Muresan as Architects

The main focus of the project is the city’s calling towards art, influenced by its past and history. The city’s bond to art encourages the idea of building a space destined to be visited and interpreted as a whole, but also, to be a place for promoting the cultural manifestos in general. The Center is intended to be build very close to the Municipal Park of Baia Mare. Also, very near there are The Village Museum and The Ethnographic Museum. The whole project tries to improve and revitalize the area through itself, it’s recreational space and through the implementation of other cultural functions. One might be the integration of the area in a circuit which is composed of the cultural and historic areas and the green space offered by the city’s park. The center would be a cultural point of interest, having the role of attracting the community around it and thus raising the quality life in a beneficial way. This building is dedicated to the city but also to the potential tourists, becoming a point of attraction and helping with local and territorial development. This type of public space is designed to be a place to have contact with art, and also to heighten the cultural level of the art consumer and his perception capabilities. This space, dedicated to art and culture assures the interaction between the audience and the art creators. They can actively participate at the creation process by offering the artists a studio/art workshop, placednear/besides the exhibition space, the museum. The purpose of this project is to reunite under one roof all the types of visualartistic manifestations and exhibit them in a setting that favors social interaction. By doing so and investing in peopleit will promote sustainability. The discovery and promotion of new talents, whom have an identity coherent to their context will eventually lead to an export of culture. The project represents a new monument that will historically contribute to this city – a new landmark, daring and poetic, which rebirths the spirit of “The Baia Mare Art School of Painting”. I wish that this city will become a magnet for plastic artists.

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